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This is the newest book from author and motivational speaker, Carol Hansen Grey.  Uniquely designed, this book will become a treasured resource and guide, inspiring you to take the needed steps along your journey to rediscovering your personal power and to achieving inner peace.

Divided into three parts, the book was designed to enable you to jump around and explore whatever story or tool calls to you at a particular point along your path.

Part 1 contains 30 inspiring stories of Carol's personal journey toward achieving personal empowerment and reaching a place of inner peace. At the end of each story Carol lists the healing tools she used in the story along with the page number to enable you to jump right to the tool if you desire.  You can read the stories and/or the tools in any order. 

Part 2 contains 26 healing tools that Carol used to achieve her goals. Each tool includes a detailed description of how to use the tool along with examples.  Everything you need to employ these healing tools is contained within this book -- nothing else to buy.  All you need is a willingness to take the step along your path.

Part 3 contains a list of resources.  Because resources are always changing, Carol decided to make the Simple Healing Tools book and website a joint project.  Therefore, this website is actually Part 3 of the book.  The resources section of this website is continually updated with new and helpful resources.

Carol's goal is to help you make your journey as pleasurable and rewarding as possible!  Please contact her with any questions about the material in the book and also to offer your own simple healing tools for her to share with visitors to the site! 

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