Prior to leaving the corporate world, Carol held a variety of jobs that helped her become an accomplished graphic artist, forms designer and skilled in many Macintosh programs. In 1993 she quit her job with an engineering firm and co-founded an alternative healing center in Pleasant Hill, CA serving as one of its two coordinators for three years. During that time she also developed her Lighten Up workshop, became a Reiki Master-Teacher and a personal empowerment mentor, was the founding publisher of the Center's 40-page quarterly newsletter (The Beacon) that built a distribution of 5000 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and founded and managed the Center's Feng Shui Arts Store. In addition, she supported herself through her graphic design and Macintosh consulting businesses.

In 1995 she and Victor Grey formed Open Heart Press and published their first audio tape, Open Your Heart and Lighten Up. In the summer of 1996 she and Victor embarked on an 8 week cross-country Lighten Up tour presenting workshops in 20 states from California to Connecticut. Upon returning, Carol decided to leave Reunion Center and devote her energies to building their publishing company and their Macintosh consulting business as well as developing their workshop tours. For the next several years, their tours took them to over 100 cities in Texas, Florida, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, the East Coast, the Southwest and Canada. Open Heart Press soon published I Love Myself tape for children, Victor's book, Web Without a Weaver: How the Internet is Shaping Our Future, their Free Yourself from Fear booklet and CD and the Lighten Up Inspirations Workbook and Journal (now out of print).

In 1997 Carol and Victor initiated the World Peace Experiment, a Hundredth Monkey approach to achieving World Peace through a shift in consciousness. The idea came to them during one of their daily Course in Miracles meditations.

In October of 1999 she agreed to serve on the Board of the non-profit organization, Women of Vision and Action (WOVE) and in March of 2000 she accepted the position of Executive Director serving in that position until March of 2004. During that time she initiated WOVA's Online Living Directory (2001), the Feminine Face of Leadership Event in 2002, the Gather the Women global events in 2003, the Gather the Women Online Forums (2003) the Athena Wisdom Exchange (AWE) collaborative mentoring program in 2004. As part of her commitment to WOVA and the empowerment of women she also developed and designed websites for WOVA, Gather the Womenas well as two websites devoted to creating a grassroots movement for a 5th World Conference on Women: and

In March of 2004 she agreed to serve as the Online Technology Director of the Health Medicine Forum and designed and developed their original website. In September of 2004 with her husband Victor and two other partners, she co-founded 2idi Corporation, the Internet's first i-broker which was transferred to 1id in 2009. Also in 2004 Carol agreed to serve on a core team of women to promote a 5th Women's World Conference and developed a website for that purpose ( and a 5WWC Living Directory group that she administers. In 2009 she agreed to develop a sister site that furthered the goals of a 5th World Conference on Women ( She also was contracted in 2004 to design and develop a new site for author Richard Carlson ( that she maintained until his untimely death in 2006.

In 2005 Carol produced a Lighten Up CD, co-founded Circle Connections, and developed several new websites including the RedWeb Foundation site, Chiropractic Healing Arts site for Dr. Susan Marsters, and the Looking Within site for artist Peter Sanderson.  

In 2006 Carol designed and developed several new websites and logos for various organizations including Global Fund for Healing, MamaNaDada, The Millionth Circle, Don't Sweat Inspirations Online Store, and, an online radio show. In December of 2006, in response to the untimely death of Richard Carlson on December 13, 2006, Carol designed and developed the Richard Carlson Memorial site as a tribute to this beautiful man.  

In 2007 she was contracted to maintain and expand the website, designed and developed the site, produced the Jean Bolen Urgent Message from Mother CD, was contracted to design and develop the site and an archival site for A Course in Miracles (in production) for the Foundation for Inner Peace. Also that year she developed her Open Heart Press Online Store.

In 2008 she was contracted for redevelopment of the site and the new ACIM online store, designed and developed a site for Judy Ranieri called the NotebookProject, was contracted by Ann McGill to design the cover and book interior for Miracles Made Easy as well as a series of symbols and logos for the book, and designed & developed the site. In 2009 Carol worked with Jean Shinoda Bolen to design a new website ( to move forward the idea of a United Nations sponsored 5th World Conference on Women.

In January 2009 Carol began work on her newest book, Simple Healing Tools on the Path to Personal Empowerment and Inner Peace.  She completed the book by April and published it through Open Heart Press.  She also designed and developed this website as a way to keep the book updated. In 2010 Carol designed her Personal Empowerment Deck as a companion to her Simple Healing Tools book.  She also designed her Personal Empowerment Path website and a website for the Diablo Women's Chorale.

In July 2010 she was contracted by the Foundation for Inner Peace to design a graphical ACIM Weekly Thought to be emailed every Sunday as a free service to subscribers (now numbering over 21,000). In September 2010 she opened a CafePress Online Store featuring products created from the ACIM Weekly Thoughts as well as Only Love Prevails products.

In 2011 Carol developed the website and the website. and her Open Heart Blog. In August 2011 she published a specialty book entitled A Year of ACIM Weekly Thoughts with all proceeds being donated to support the Foundation for Inner Peace (Click here to preview the entire book.) In September 2011 she authored and published her first Kindle ebook through How Do I Love Myself: Learn a Magical 5 Minute-a-Day Process. This was the first in a planned series of "How Do I" ebooks.

In 2012 Carol published the second ebook in her "How Do I" series: "How Do I Create Pleace Within Myself and in the World?"

Click here to visit Carol's personal website for more details and a chronological listing of her experience.