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Become aware that you already possess all the
inner wisdom, strength, and creativity you need 
to make your dreams come true.” 
~Sarah Ban Breathnach, Author

In 1999 Victor and I decided we no longer wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve by going out and partying. We both felt it would be much more enjoyable and meaningful for us to spend New Year’s Eve in a spiritual way.

So we decided to go to our meditation room around nine o’clock in the evening, light the candles and talk about the important things that had happened to us during the year. The list started getting so long I suggested it would probably be a good idea to write it down in a journal. Thus began our ritual of keeping a New Year’s Journal.

Each year during our New Year’s Eve ritual, we list the following items in our journal:

• all the family events (i.e., births, deaths, family reunions, etc.)
• all the new people we have met during the year and how they have made a difference in our lives
• all the trips we have taken and what was special about each one
• all the creative endeavors we have undertaken and how they have changed our lives
• all the things we have accomplished and why these things are important to us

We are always amazed at how long our list becomes and how very full our life has been during the year.

We then make a list of our goals for the new year. We start by looking back to the previous year’s list of goals noting which ones we have accomplished; which ones we have decided to abandon; and which ones we will carry over to the new year. I remember the joy we felt one year when we found we had actually accomplished all the goals on our list. (This doesn’t happen often!)

All of the above takes a couple of hours and we try to time it so that we can be done by midnight to ring our Tibetan bowl while we hold an intention for world peace. Keeping a New Year’s journal has been a great way to keep a record of our activities and accomplishments. But more importantly, it is an inspirational tool that enables us to see how much we have grown personally and spiritually each year.

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