The book is divided into three parts:

Part 1 contains personal stories. These stories are in no particular order and often they overlap with one another. Feel free to skip around this section, reading the stories that call to you. The specific healing tools used in the stories are listed at the end of each story along with its chapter and page number to make it easy to reference them in Part 2.

Part 2 contains a detailed description of each healing tool mentioned in the stories as well as suggestions on how to use the tool. I created Simple Healing Tools in this way so the reader could easily reference the tools without the need to go back through the stories to find a particular tool. All the tools can be found in Part 2.

Part 3 is a short list of resources I have found helpful along my path. Included are products, books and websites. A more extensive list of resources can be found on the website where the list is continually expanded and updated.

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