Participate in the World Peace Experiment
Only Love Prevails
Join with thousands of people from around the world
who are participating in this "100th Monkey" experiment
to create world peace through a shift in consciousness.
It costs no money and takes only seconds a day!

Participte in the Go Gratitude Experiment
Go Gratitude

Go Gratitude
Stacey Robyn

a unique idea initiated by my friend Stacey Robyn
to attain peace by spreading joy and gratitude!

Circle Connections

Circle Connections is a welcoming place for establishing
meaningful relationships and connections
with opportunities for women to take their next step
in creating a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable earth.

Cranes Fly for Peace

Peace Cranes
This project was started by my friend, Jo Wharton in Dallas, Texas.
Watch the video below and then her site to see how to make peace cranes
and how to use them to create peace.

What if Valentine’s Day was something … more?
About a deeper love . . about unity . . about brotherhood.
The human heart is capable of something greater.
Help to re-envision Valentine’s Day.
Valentine Peace Project
Valentine Peace Project