Carol Was a Light During a Dark Night of the Soul

I have had the privilege to have worked with Carol Hansen Grey on several occasions toward the end of what were some of the most difficult years of my life.

She was a huge light in a very dark night of the soul. I had just come off several prescription medications that I believe were suppressing many of my family traumas that had not been fully realized until the work I did with Carol. What happened was very miraculous, and I know I couldn't have processed any of it without her help.

I was born third in line in my family. My sister was five, and my brother had just been born when my mother got pregnant with me just a couple of months later. She was very sick with pneumonia when she delivered my brother.
My mother and I were never very close while I was growing up, and later in life she didn't understand my career choices of being a musician or electing to have an abortion. On her death bed she wrote a very mean letter to me bringing up everything I had ever done wrong in my life, and my father was instructed to give it to me after her passing.

I struggled for many years with why she had written a letter like this, and it was my last memory of her. She had never expressed her disapproval of my abortion very clearly when she was alive, but my mother never did express herself very well with me, and all of that disapproval came out in the form of anger when she was dying and wrote it to me.

Over the holidays this last year I came down with pneumonia several days before the anniversary of my mother's death. I was very sick, and was still recovering from the medication withdrawals that had left me in pretty rough shape. I was really struggling to find some reason to keep going in my life as I had been through quite a rough 15 years prior to this.

A friend introduced me to Carol and thought she might be able to help me. We went to work by phone while I was down in bed seriously ill. Carol helped me peel away layers of what had happened with my mother. During my work with her, I ended up in the hospital for a few days. When I came home, I had one of the biggest ah ha moments in my life. I had never had pneumonia in my life prior to this infection. I had no idea how hard it was to get over, and never understood what my mother sacrificed to have me when she had been sick with my brother before my conception. Women didn't have the option of abortions when she was younger, and she never would have considered not having me.

I believe my mother was deeply hurt by my insistence that she never wanted me and I was a mistake. I now understand how difficult it must have been to have a third child after being as sick as she was and what a sacrifice she made to have me. I deeply understand her hurt and anger at me for the abortion now.
Thank you, Carol......the healing I had was very profound.

M.C. from Scottsdale, AZ

Transforming Fears Transformed Diagnosis

Carol Hansen Grey is an amazing human being who was a great support to me when I was experiencing a major health problem. I had gone to the emergency room at a local hospital, feeling the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced. A CAT scan was performed, and the doctor diagnosed the pain as resulting from the passing of a kidney stone. The doctor also noted that several tumors had been observed in the CAT scan. After a number of tests, biopsies and additional CAT scans, I received a diagnosis of lymphoma from my surgeon. Needless to say, I was absolutely distraught; my father had died from lymphoma. I am by nature a very positive, upbeat person, but I was very scared and felt as if I was on an emotional roller coaster, trying to maintain a positive attitude but not succeeding. After sharing my diagnosis and distressed mental state with a friend, she suggested that I contact Carol for support.

Carol used a process with me called "Free Yourself From Fear." During this process, she supported me in bringing to light the layers of fearful thoughts I was holding around the diagnosis of lymphoma. The negative thoughts and feelings that emerged in my mind ranged from my fear of death, to concern about the people I loved, to cleaning up my trust and my house so that all my affairs would be in order. Gradually, through Carol's mentoring, I began to experience positive thoughts and feelings, full of hope and gratitude. The outcome of Carol's mentoring was to enable me to transform my fears as we worked together. In addition, in the weeks following our session, I was able to continue to transform the fearful and limiting thoughts as they surfaced, unbidden in my mind. I found myself feeling calmer and more focused on how my body was healthy and my mind was filled with peace.

I underwent a serious operation to finalize the diagnosis, and the findings were negative; I did not have lymphoma. I am truly grateful to Carol for supporting me in rediscovering my own inner strength and positive energy. I also appreciate Carol's willingness to share this powerful tool, as well as many others, in her new book, Simple Healing Tools.

C.B. from Walnut Creek, CA

This is Practical Spirituality!

I'm grateful that Carol has compiled the inspiring stories and the essential, practical spiritual growth tools that she has been sharing for years into one inviting and easy-to-use reference guide. In this one sweet volume Carol helps connect the dots in a "how to" guide fashion for all spiritual beings living a human existence. I now steer clients towards this fabulous resource because there is a gift and a growth opportunity for anyone who opens the book.

~Veronica from San Francisco Bay Area

Incredible insight to the power of your mind!

Reading these simple tools was exciting enough, but to actually apply them and feel them work within you is amazing. They may be simple tools, but they sure are powerful! This book can't help but bring more happiness to anyone who reads it. Thank You Carol!

~Larry from Clayton, CA

Carol's Stories, and the Simple Tools That Changed Her Life, Will Change Yours Too!

Carol Hansen Grey has succeeded in creating an amazingly simple yet extremely powerful compilation of stories and corresponding tools that will transform your life from the moment you read the first "story" and flip back to read and engage in the use of the first "tool." For me it was the "Free Yourself from Fear" stories (Story 20) and the clear and easy-to-follow steps to take (Tool 9, p. 181) that changed my life at a time when I was consumed with fear about a personal health issue. The "Finding a Gift in Each Experience" story and the corresponding tool, which is a prayer asking to see the bigger picture and understand the gift that is being given, was a gentle reminder to me to stay focused on the gift of each experience as I begin new adventures at this time in my life.

This book is a wonderful support to all those on a path of renewal of body, mind, and spirit and readers will appreciate the simplicity, honesty, and clarity with which Carol shares her personal journey. I guarantee that you will find at least one tool (and probably many more!) to use immediately and that you will want to share your experience and the book, Simple Healing Tools, with your closest friends. Hopefully you will also share your story with Carol on her website. Then, we'll all join Carol on the Oprah show one day in the near future and share our transformational stories made possible through the use of some very simple healing tools. Thank you Carol!

~J.K. from Pittsburg, CA

Wow!! Carol Hansen Grey has done it again!

First she graced the world with her Lighten Up CD and workbook that not only taught us the importance of loving ourselves but gave us specific instructions on how to reach that state of unconditional self-love. Then she gave us her Free Yourself from Fear process that helped us transform all our negative thoughts and bring ourselves into a state of inner peace. Now she has given us the créme de la créme with her Simple Healing Tools! This book not only includes the above processes, it contains a wealth of wisdom from her years of teaching what she herself needed to learn! What a gift to the planet!! 

~Mary from New York, NY

Do Yourself a Favor:  Read this Book!!

Carol Hansen Grey has given the world a beautiful, grounded, informative and definitely helpful book that is fun to read, food for your soul and a manual for healing and maintaining robust health. Her authentic life stories, meaningful tools and current resources make this a tool for everyone interested in being master of his or her life. Set yourself on the path to personal empowerment by reading and using this gem of creative self-exploration and unfoldment!

~Susan from Concord, CA

These Simple Healing Tools are a gift of love...

This inspirational book is practical, thoughtful and I refer to it often as it reinforces my belief that I am on the right path... I like the fact that I can seek out the story that corresponds with what I'm feeling at the moment, feel uplifted by it and then go deeper by further reading the tool which gives me instant action to take... prior to reading this book, Carol and her husband Victor's "Free Yourself from Fear" CD transformed the way I relate to what might be perceived as obstacles in my life and restored my sense of faith... this book is a great tool in itself for me to refer to in my day to day life as I delight in this amazing time where I find myself recreating myself and enjoying the process thanks to Carol Hansen Grey! What a gift, I highly recommend it.

~Zia from Walnut Creek, CA

Simple, but Powerful!

This book just saved my marriage of 34 years. I was ready to throw it all in when Carol's book arrived in the mail. Thumbing through the book, I was drawn to story #9, Letting Go of Judgments. Then I skipped backwards to #8, Paying attention to the signals. Back and forth through the book I went, finding comfort in Carols stories and suggestions in the tools.

Before the book, my plan was to create a big scene to show my husband that I knew what was going on and how he was hurting me. Following some of the tools, I sat down and mediated on what I truly wanted. I discovered that what I wanted was a warm close relationship with husband built on trust. If I couldn't have that, I didn't want a relationship. Instead of big drama, I used the Healing Tools to create on of the best days of our marriage. We had a long and loving conversation. We are working on repairing our relationship by improving our communication and shared goals.

All this came about because Carol Hansen Grey has great wisdom and insights. She shares them with us in a very easy and accessible way. Thank you Carol!

~Cyd from Sacramento, CA

Full of Wisdom

This book is so full of wisdom and self-help tools that I highly recommend it to all who want to have a happy and healthy life. It is filled with wonderful stories from the author's experience and easy exercises for healing and empowerment. One of my favorite stories in the book is "Working Your Joy". It gives a definition of sin being that of seeing your next step and not taking it. Simple Healing Tools helps us all to take the next step and steps in living a healthy, prosperous and full life. Go buy it for yourself and others. Namaste!!!

~Ann from Naples, FL

A Lifetime of Wisdom in This Book

Carol Hansen Grey has put together a lifetime of healing tools, that are simple to use and easy to continue using, with powerful results. So often, we commit to a new practice, only to give it up in a few days. This is not the case with Simple Healing Tools. The exercises are easy to remember and to put into action.

After reading the book, I went back to look at a couple of the passages that I underscored. One that stands out is, "We have been taught: it is selfish to love ourselves; we are bad if we love ourselves; we are not lovable unless we look a certain way or behave in a 'normal' manner. Therefore, we have been conditioned since childhood to look at ourselves with negativity and even hate. I believe that there is a direct correlation between the amount of violence in the world and the huge number of people who do not love themselves!" Carol is onto something here.

~Judy from Clayton, CA

A Treasure Trove of Wisdom

Thank you, Carol, for gathering and sharing these simple, yet deeply transformative wisdom/healing tools. As I read thru the book, I had the feeling of sitting with a wise Auntie, one whose stories were food for the soul, whose wisdom was born of intentional experience and freely shared with Love.

Accompanying each story is a treasure trove of exercises -- from manifestation to meditation, presence to prayer, freeing ourselves from fear to engaging our angels in support of our dreams.

Carol is authentically audacious and holistically in-tune with what it takes to thrive in our unique journey of Life, and reflects this with speed, ease and agility. A true mark of one who embodies what they teach!

Pick up a copy AND one to share ... you will be grateful for the insight, tools and comfort found in the wisdom gracing these pages.  Enjoy!

~Stacey from Vancouver, WA

Good Stuff!!

Carol Hansen Grey provides practical and helpful ways to grow, heal and strengthen one's sense of Self. The processes are simple and powerful. Anyone that uses even a few of these simple activities will benefit and live a life of increased health and wellness. Way to go, Carol!

~Lynn from Pleasanton, CA

Life-Changing Tools!

In this inspiring, easy-to-read book of simple healing tools, Carol Hansen shares workshop participant's, as well as her own, experiences with these tools in brief yet powerful stories that illustrate life improvement in relationships, health, finance, career and self worth. If a person were to implement only one of these tools, their life would change for the better in some meaningful way.

~ Megan from Walnut Creek, CA